All American Taxidermy

Quality. Mastery. Artistry.

All American Taxidermy is a full-time taxidermy studio located in Northern Illinois. We specialize in innovative and custom mounts and also pride ourselves in custom scenes, poses, and habitat displays on all our birds, fish, and mammals.

Unique ideas

  • Museum style habitat wildlife displays
  • Predator - prey action chase scenes
  • Custom scenes and poses
  • Replicas of fish, antlers, trees, or rocks
  • Specific bird or mammal mounts as a gift or for your own collection

Special services

World record brown trout caught by Roger Hellen on 7/16/2010 out of Lake Michigan, Racine, Wisconsin. The fish measured out at 41.5" and weighed 41 lbs 8oz.

Please have the following prepared when you come in:

  1. Hunting license, fishing license, or other paperwork.
  2. A 50% deposit is required. We will not start work without a deposit. All tanning and reproduction work requires full upfront payment.
  3. An idea of what you would like for your mount such as the pose and surrounding habitat. Pictures or drawings are of great help. Examples of different possibilities are on display in our showroom as well as our gallery. Some new innovative mounts now available may suprise you!

Projects update

We have been assisting the Burpee Museum of Natural History in Rockford, Ill. with a restoration project after flooding caused damage to many specimens. Here are some photos showing our work on a gray wolf.

Before & After

Wolf - Before

Wolf - After

Hunting opportunities

One of my favorite hunting trips is an African safari adeventure in Namibia. A safari is a big trip with big game! While in Africa, I worked with one of the premiere safari operations, Holloway Hunting Safaris.

I've had great experiences with Sean and his team at Holloway. Call me to chat about taking a trip to Africa: 1-815-943-0300 or email Sean in Namibia.