All American Taxidermy

Trophy Hunters Deer Processing

Option 1: Deboned meat in large ziploc bags
✓ Needs further processing removal of tendons and silver skin
✓ Includes skinning and disposal of carcass
Price: $150
Option 2: Basic Cuts
✓ Tenderloins
✓ Roast meat from hind quarters
✓ Trimmings in large Ziploc bags
✓ Removal of tendons and silver skin
✓ Packaged and labeled in butcher paper
✓ Skinning and disposal of carcass included
Back strap options: Left whole, Cut in half, or Cut into steaks
Price: $250
Vacuum seal: +$0.50/lb
Ground venison
✓ Packaged into wild game meat bags
Price: $2/lb

Specialty Meats Summer Sausage

12lb minimum deer meat with 25% pork added makes 15lbs total summer sausage before smoked

Style Price/lb Min Order
Hunters Blend or Garlic and Cracked pepper $11.25/lb $135
Cheddar, Pepper Jack, Habanero, or Gouda (10% cheese) $12.50/lb $150
Gouda and Cranberry (10% each) $13.75/lb $165
Cheddar with fresh jalapeno pepper (10% each) $13.75/lb $165

All summer sausage is vacuum sealed into 1.5 lb packages for your convenience.


Drop-off schedule: Call before arrival
✓ 7 days a week
October 1 - October 31: 7:30 AM - 6:30 PM
November 1 - November 21: 7:30 AM - 10:00 PM
November 22 - December 5: 7:30 AM - 6:30 PM
✓ After hours: call for an appointment. We can meet you at the shop until 10 PM if necessary.
Depending how the season goes we may decide to accept trophy deer for meat processing after December 5.
We will be accepting trophy deer for taxidermy througout the entire season.

About Trophy Hunters Processing

Trophy Hunters Processing came about in the fall of 2021. With the high demand for deer processing in the area, about half our taxidermy clients had no choice but to bring their deer to us to get caped out first then had to figure out when and where to take their meat. In the past, our clients would bring over the caped out head that was frozen by an area meat processor.

Here’s the great news: in summer of 2022 we added a 40’ shipping container on to the side of the shop that is modified into a deer hanging cooler with about 30’ of work space. Our menu for 2022 is limited to what quality products we can produce, but we do offer an amazing summer sausage. Our goal for the 2023 season will be to add Jerky and hot sticks to the menu.

Being taxidermists since 2004, we have expert knowledge on how to properly cape out your trophy deer, as opposed to some operations that hire seasonal help who don’t know how to properly care for your trophy. This can result in ruined capes for shoulder mounts, etc. that were cut poorly or even trophy antlers that were dragged on concrete!

When using our services, you get your own deer meat back as we are a smaller scale operation and do not or would want to batch grind everyone’s deer meat together. We are not a 24/7 drop off facility. We did put some thought into this and decided not to do so foreseeing potential problems.

We are the only business here in Northern Illinois that is a full-time taxidermy studio combined with deer processing where all the work is done here on-site with neither the taxidermy nor the processing being outsourced to a second business. We only accept deer meat for processing that requires some form of taxidermy work being done on it whether it is skull cleaning, hide tanned, shoulder, pedestal or a life-size mount. We are also a CWD check station. Due to CWD in the area the past decade, we have to ask that deer meat processing fees are paid up front in full. When your order is completed, please come and pick up your order within 5 days. Due to limited freezer space, we cannot accomodate longer storage. Orders past 5 days will be donated. Our goal is to have your deer meat, including summer sausage, back to you within 3-4 weeks. The deboned meat option can be ready within the day for non-local hunters or within several days for our local clientele. With taxidermy orders, the deposits can still be made throughout the year. Our goal for skull cleaning is 4 to 6 months with shoulder mounts and tanned hides 8 to 12 months out. Thank you and Good Luck this Season!