All American Taxidermy

Trophy Room Maintenance and Restoration Services

As you know, you have a great amount of time and money as well as memories invested into your personal collection of trophies from over the years. With that being said, it is wise to uphold and maintain that collection every so often in order to hold its value over time. Whether or not All-American Taxidermy provided the taxidermy services to you in the past, we can come to your trophy room on-site and do a thorough cleaning and inspection of your trophies. We have the experience in handling different types of trophies and knowledge of any problem areas that may need to be restored. We will also be able to tell if there is a possible bug infestation and help isolate and solve the problem.

While cleaning your collection, we will itemize it and write down any areas of a certain trophy that may need to be restored or fixed. We can then give you a quote on doing the repairs and you can then decide if further service is required on a particular trophy.

From there, depending on what is needed, we may be able to repair or touch up areas of the trophy on-site; however, if more extensive work is required then the trophy would need to be taken to our studio. Another option for more extensive work that is unable to be taken to our studio is to stay several days or more and complete the job on-site.

If you are interested in this service, please call or email us. Prices will vary due to location, size of the collections, and how detailed the restorations are.