All American Taxidermy


For shipping within the US:

  1. Please call 815-245-6043 or email us ahead of time so that we can give you detailed instructions on how to temporarily preserve your animal and properly package it for shipping to us. Items shipped frozen should be sent next day or second day as opposed to salted skins that can be shipped regular ground. Also, contacting us ahead of time helps us in order of when to expect your package.
  2. Please include the following information with your shipment:
    • Full Name
    • Complete Address
    • Phone Number
    • Hunting/Fishing License Number
    • Email Address
  3. Please ship your package to the studio address 1301 W Diggins St, Harvard, IL 60033. We accept all forms of delivery except USPS.

For Shipping outside the US:

Before your hunt:

Contact All-American Taxidermy for your shipping tags to take with you on your hunt. Have your outfitter or P.H. attach one tag to each skin, skull, and set of horns. These tags have your info, Coppersmith's info and All-American Taxidermy's info to help identify your animals.

All shipments originating outside of the United States should be sent to the Port of Chicago as follows:

Your name c/o All-American Taxidermy
Via Coppersmith
760 Bonnie Lane
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007-2201
Tel 847-437-1500
Fax 847-437-8098

After your hunt:

If you have not been set up with a Customs Broker and have already gone on your hunt overseas, we suggest you contact our Customs Broker, Coppersmith, immediately upon return from your hunt to provide them details of who now has your trophies. They will monitor the progress of your trophies dip and pack processing and be in communication with an overseas shipping agent. They will contact you once the trophies are received. You will have to arrange with Coppersmith and pay them for their services. Coppersmith will assist you with CITIES and other import/export paperwork, clearn your shipment on your behalf through customs and USFW. They will then ship the trophies to us and or our certified USDA facility for tanning and processing of skins. All-American Taxidermy can also arrange a pick up of your shipment at Coppersmith's facility upon request as part of our services.

Contact Lisa Gingerich, Branch Manager, Ext 246:
Or Michael Lewis, Senior Trophy Specialist, Ext 220:, Coppersmith's hunting site.

Our Certified USDA Facility:

Safari Imports
Matt Kapraun
19117 Altenburg Rd
Harvard, IL 60033
Tel 815-245-6043

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us as we have hunted in Africa multiple times and can walk you through the process of getting your trophies back home after your hunt.